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By highwater (registered) | Posted September 02, 2011 at 11:48:47

You can follow the Secondary ARC north here. The next public meeting is Oct. 4, but members of the public are also allowed to attend the working meetings, they just aren't allowed to speak.

I agree it would be a devastating blow to Ward 3 if Delta is closed. At the moment the closure of Delta is the board recommendation that must be presented at the beginning of every ARC. At the end of the ARC, the committee and staff both make recommendations to the trustees to vote on. Staff may continue to support the closure of Delta at that point or they may not and even if they do, the trustees may favour the committee's recommendation (assuming the committee does not vote to close Delta).

In other words this is far from a fait accompli, and there is still a chance for the public to influence staff and the committee. And after the committee makes its recommendation, there is a period of time where the public has the opportunity to influence the trustees. If you're going to have townhalls and salons about anything, this should be it.

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