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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted September 05, 2011 at 13:33:17

May I take slight umbrage to the use to the term Pan Am anything in reference to the IWS2 or any other said stadium. The money will be coming from the Pan Am Corporation, but the Athletics event that the stadium was supposed to hold were nixed long ago. The Canadian Athletics association requested that the Athletics portion (track and field) be removed from Hamilton because the TiCats franchise indicated that they would immediately destroy the track once they became the legacy tenant. The stadium may house a few soccer preliminary events, but this money is being used for the TiCats. The reason that Athletics needed a huge stadium is because it is the crown jewel of the Pan Ams. Many world records are set at the Pan Ams because some of the fastest countries in the world compete at this event. Hamilton essentially 'blew off' the most watched, most attended event in the whole games. I am surprised that Hamilton received any monies from the Pan Am Corp for the stadium, since Athletics is what the stadium was being built for. So not only has the TiCats managed to redirect money from the goal of the Future Fund (which might as well be called the FuckYou Fund) they have also redirected money from the goal of the Pan Am Corp as well. These are truly dark times for process.

If one were to direct the future fund towards sports related goals we could see a system of soccer, ultimate, flag football, and rugby facilities that could be used all year long at subsidized rate. The Future Fund could have been used to MOBILIZE our children and create a population of participants in sport. Instead the Future Fund has been stolen to subsidize a private money losing venture that promotes drinking, ass widening, and spectator culture.

So it is NOT a Pan Am stadium. It the Fan Scam stadium. And it is not IWS2, it is WTF2.

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