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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted September 06, 2011 at 17:53:51


Good job getting in touch with Mr. Mathieu. I agree, Council and all citizens must make their decision based on facts. Sadly, this decision seems to involve much more, or should I say less, than just facts.

Currently, the way the deal is structured, few citizens will be be spending quality time in the velodrome unless they have purchased seats to a cycling contest or to a Mohawk College game of some sort. Paying is OK, but this fantasy that kids will be introduced to cycling through the velodrome is slightly disingenuous. Sure, they may see a race and think, "That's cool and conclude that's what I'd like to do toe." But, they will not be allowed anywhere near the expensive and hard to maintain professional track.

If my position is factually incorrect, I'm prepared to be open minded. But let's all of us be careful about drawing bigger conclusions from simple statements. Kids probably will be introduced to the sport of cycling, but not while they're riding around on the track. It's like saying kids will be introduced to the sport of football by buying tickets to watch the Ti-Cats play, so therefore the City of Hamilton should put up a bunch of money so that will happen. Oh, wait a minute, we already did that.

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