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By rednic (registered) | Posted September 06, 2011 at 20:57:53 in reply to Comment 69126

Im willing to educate a little regarding track racing ... I've been to the velodrome in moscow, and put on numerous cycling races in downtown toronto ( Alley cat courier races ).

Velodromes require a track bicycle, basically a ten speed with no gears and no brakes. There is also no ratchet so when the wheels are spinning so are the pedals. THe only way to stop is to slow down the pedals.

Most Velodrome racers start on a 'grass' track to learn the dynamics of riding fixed. If this works out like it us supposed to hamilton would inherit a 'bunch' of cycling coaches, just as in gymnastics these people must always be on the look out for the next big thing, So while kids might not benefit from the 'main event' there would hopefully be a program where kids (and adults ) learnt to properly ride on this and where trained to and elite level.

Track racing is some where between chess and dog racing as sport. there is a huge amount of strategy and practice required to win. The fastest is not always the winner either. So in this sense size does matter , it is not like swimming lengths in a pool. The curves and the banking are all part of it.

It may not be every ones cup of tea, but then again I've never been to a CFL game.

I think the CCA really needs to step up to the plate here and speak about how much money they would bring to the table ( in yearly rentals ) and how many other teams they could attract for training and revenue purpose. The part im little unclear on is the 500 000 a year figure for maintenance etc .. is this a revenue short fall or an operating budget , if for example the CCA can pay a 100 000 a year rent do we only need 400 000 a year to keep the lights on ?

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