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By highwater (registered) | Posted September 08, 2011 at 10:40:43 in reply to Comment 69167

  1. Cycling Canada will run its High Performamce programs at the Hamiltin Velodrome.
  1. CHCH National Cycling Centre Hamilton will run its programs from the new Velodrome.

Great! So they'll be paying the majority of the construction and operating costs then.

  1. The Community it all other Countries that have indoor Velos, have access to the facility, they can hire a bike at a cheapo rate, Moms, Dads, kids anybody can have a go.

We have been given no word that this will be the case here. At the moment it is looking like Mohawk (with it's paltry $2m contribution) will be given first dibs, and when pressed have given no firm committment to giving the community access.

  1. Velodrome Cycling is the safest form of Cycling, no cars, no dogs, cats, potholes.

And the safest form of play is in a padded room, no trees, no rocks, no dirt, no water...

  1. Velodrome bikes are cheaper to buy than road or triathlon and most MTB bikes.

Irrelevant if the community is not guaranteed access to this facility, which they are not currently, and BTW, it's not 'cheap' if you have to buy a specialized bike in addition to the bike you use to get around.

  1. The community will have access to more track hours than the "elite" cyclists.

Citation needed.

It is best that we all deal with the facts!

By all means!

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