Comment 69219

By Cycling Coach (anonymous) | Posted September 08, 2011 at 11:32:13 in reply to Comment 69214

Without getting into banter, it is correct to say that the Velodrome will be accessible to everybody in the community who wishes to keep fit, learn new skills, or take up Track Cycle Racing.

It will provide opportunity to everybody, there is no question about that at all.

>Swimming Clubs do not build Swimming Pools!
>Hockey Clubs do not Build Hockey Arenas!


>How many Swimming Pools make money for the City?
>How many Hockey Arenas make money for the City?
>How many Football Facilities make money for the City?
>How many Track and Field facilities make money for the City?

These are genuine questions..

Community facilities are just that, they are for the community, they provide facilities for our community to be active, provide opportunities to those who may aspire to win Olympic Medals, who was the last Hamiltonian to win an Olympic Medal, in any sport, that is another genuine question.

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