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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted September 08, 2011 at 12:06:22 in reply to Comment 69219

Without getting into banter, it is correct to say that the Velodrome will be accessible to everybody in the community who wishes to keep fit, learn new skills, or take up Track Cycle Racing.

It will provide opportunity to everybody, there is no question about that at all.

(Lead-in comment edited for propriety's sake)

Please don't make the comparison of 'swimming pools' or 'hockey arenas' and 'track and field facilities' with an-only-one-of-two-in-North-America-UIC-sanctioned-for-international-competition-indoor-velodrome. Frankly, these analogies are insulting. But they sure do seem consistent with the level of discussion surrounding the prospect of a velodrome in well as the stadium, for that matter.

What's important to me, if there's going to be a facility in Hamilton? Well, first and foremost is that the elite status of the velodrome not be compromised. Which is why I agreed with highwater's point about federal funding for a national-level pursuit. (No pun intended.) I'd much prefer Hamilton not get on board for a velodrome. (And prefer to see a permanent facility built by a proper approach, where the focus is appropriate, on the elite goals...while incorporating the various strata beneath this level.)

'Community access' to me is waaaaaay down the list.

If you want to establish a tradition of, excellence is what the PanAm Games are all about, right?...then you have to do things right. And this is one of the things that's bothered me, that this clarity has been missed. Just as it was missed when the Ti-Cats essentially hijacked the stadium endeavour. (For the record, I'd have much preferred it if we'd never committed to the stadium -and events- and instead had said 'Let's do the velodrome. We can do that right.')

I'm going to finish off this tirade thusly: Hamilton has a great tradition of rowing. Of road racing. (Not just the World's in 2003. We used to have the Hess Village Criterium Classic, we had amazing road races utilizing the Escarpment in the late-80s and early-90s..,and we have some phenomenal mountain biking in the area. It's a natural to have a velodrome in Hamilton...

...if it's done right.

I'm not convinced we're capable of managing that accomplishment at this point.

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