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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2011 at 01:00:42

This forced amalgamation is at the heart of so many of the city's problems. A farmer west of Sheffield lives in Hamilton and yet has absolutely nothing in common with an urbanite living in a condo in the core. In fact that farmer probably goes to Cambridge more often than he goes to Hamilton. Cambridge is closer and has most of everything the farmer needs from a city.

Redoing the wards might make the representation more fair for so many of us living within the old city while at the same time making it even tougher for the voice of all those suburbanites to be heard. More wards in the old city will give us a bigger stronger voice even more capable of drowning out the voice (and with it the concerns) of the suburbs. That same farmer in Sheffield has even less use for LRT than I do and yet if it comes to pass he will be forced to help pay for it. This is the case for so many money losing city services that are not available or of no interest to that farmer in Sheffield.

The city has had to live with a very bad situation foe some time now and I believe it is not getting any better. If the province really will start to pay to return social services than the best scenario for all concerned would be to break the city up into it's component parts. If not I see many more years of animosity and unrest with little meeting of minds between "us" and "them"

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