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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted September 10, 2011 at 07:40:15


Are your comments here are retraction of your previously stated opinion in your article The Bi-Polarity of the Core? Quotes:

"We will never truly revitalize the downtown core until we can overcome our parochialism and cast away our lingering suburban mindset."

"In developing this thought further, it is important to recognize that although empirically untested, there are no fundamental doubts about the economic benefits of the LRT – amongst majority of those living and working in the core."

"The concerns put forward in support of the decision to reject the LRT from the IV/Gore area included: the fear of losing curbside parking; loss of business during construction; and congestion!!

"The kind of urban growth and its resulting economic benefits that we all desire so much is a direct result of urban density and not suburban density in urban settings."

"The bipolarity of our core springs partly from urban issues that continue to be defined and driven by suburban mindsets."

"Hamilton's planning and economic growth problems are not unique; its parochialism is. The bipolarity of our core springs partly from this debilitating human condition. Focusing on eradicating parochialism from our midst is critical to our collective economic and cultural success. It is the best legacy that you can leave behind."

I'm getting confused reading what you write, what exactly are you saying and how does it tie in with your past opinions. Have those opinions changed?

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