Comment 69390

By theOther (registered) | Posted September 11, 2011 at 20:17:08 in reply to Comment 69388

MSC: My recollection is that Mr.Harris was permitted to obtain a second mandate from Ontarians. Even if you had any trouble deciphering his intentions through the first, ignorance is no tenable excuse for the second. There was no shortage of impartial yet competent witnesses in the vicinity. It appears his old sergeant-at-arms Deb is directing wee Timmy Hudak and their supposedly ailing babe to carry on with the ignoroid agenda. (But please don't bring their family into it; let their happy-fam photo-ops do the talking). But back in the Hammer: even populated as it was with vainglorious pols, the Board of Control represented an impetus for the municipality to think and act as a whole, not an assortment of mutually resentful fragments. Cheers, Other

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