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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted September 12, 2011 at 03:35:38

Very well written article Ryan!

Anger over amalgamation colours the result of all elections here & probably will for a long time. (We shall see what happens this time around.)

It also has a detrimental effect on governments at all levels. We elect the same people, for no other reason than amalgamation anger. We gain nothing from doing that. Sure winners, sure losers, & sure things don't generate interest.

It has served to divide & conquer the GHA, as well as simply downloading services. While citizens bickered & distrusted each other, a lot of wool got pulled over a lot of eyes. Sadly many don't seem to realize that. They only think that their area Won or Lost.

It seems whenever City Hall wants to enact something inequitable, they use terms like, "Fair, & equitable across the GHA". That way, they can compare rural Flamborough to Barton St E., & hide behind "equality" to pass something either silly or just wrong headed. Who can argue with "Fairness & Equality"?
Of course the real inequalities go unaddressed.

I doubt that the City of Hamilton would ever bring back City Controllers unless they could be 'controlled'.

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