Comment 69479

By Brandon (registered) | Posted September 12, 2011 at 16:15:02 in reply to Comment 69467

Mahesh, you're truly an ass, you know that?

What started this whole process was me trying to engage you and get some clarification on your comments. You then started asking me to jump through hoops for you, so I did a couple of times. Then you wouldn't answer because I was apparently too angry.

Now, with your latest round of crap, I'm done. You can't honestly complain about no one engaging you when you've avoided every effort to do so.

What do the Mayor and Chris Murray have to do with our discussion and my requests for clarification? Absolutely nothing beyond some sort of red herring.

You can take your condescension, your little debating rules and your verbosity and have fun making yourself feel superior to everyone around you. I'll be ignoring you from here on out.

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