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By theOther (registered) | Posted September 12, 2011 at 20:13:24 in reply to Comment 69451

JM: The stadium is not necessarily "guaranteed to fail". But rest assured that as soon as Hamilton commits to the project, the 'legacy tenant' is undoubtedly 'too big to fail', as our governments deemed some financial institutions and manufacturers about 3 years ago. Once we commit to this dinky little stadium in that default location (sorry, Larry), Hamilton's citizens and ratepayers become wedded to the fate of its perpetually mediocre football club for decades going forward. If BY still owns the team by 2015, I and others will be mightily surprised. Better bet: it will be either Senator Braley (assuming he has dumped the BC Lions) or all of US. And if these sound like the words of a hater to you: up until this season, I have been a lifelong fan and season ticket holder. But I was so much older then ....

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