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By Brandon (registered) | Posted September 14, 2011 at 18:54:09 in reply to Comment 69634

While, I do find that point nos: 11. What policies supported here are economically untenable and mind-dumbing? 13. What makes the views on LRT untenable? are very well phrased by you, -- unfortunately, I am unable to answer both these - because in No:11, you don't clarify as to 'what policies' and 'supported where' or by whom?... the city's? the LRT lobbyists? or your? And in No: 13, I simply cannot figure out as to whose views you are referring to as 'untenable'? the city's? the LRT lobbyists? your? or mine?

When looked at without context, you're right, they're hard to find. However, when you look at the fact that I was specifically referencing things that you had said, they make a little more sense. Here they are below, in context.

And we'll just ignore your hyperbolic response to my hyperbole based on your hyperbolic comments regarding the nature of criticism that Bob Bratina suffers.

That the lobbyists here, much like Fred for years, frequently used selective academic or professional references to prop up the economically untenable and mind-dumbing public discourse on city building -(which needlessly swayed uninitiated readers to mob frenzy), is a testimony to their lack of in-dept understanding of urbanism and city building; and their utter failure to understand as to what constitutes a healthy public discourse in our complex times.

You are the one that referred to "untenable and mind-dumbing public discourse". What policies supported here support this claim?

Ignorance - from utter lack of professional knowledge of what they support and speak, and their reluctance to engage with those with differing opinions, who would know better. The result is that those very people who pilloried Clr. Lloyd Ferguson just a year ago with the most grotesque posters and vile comments, are now most willing to have his baby upon merely hearing that he supports their untenable views on LRT in our economic times. Such is the depth of character of this legacy.

You talked about untenable views on LRT. What specific views and what makes them untenable?

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