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By misterque (registered) - website | Posted September 15, 2011 at 16:12:24 in reply to Comment 69505

Let's not let our pride get in the way here. If Mr. Clark is hoping to score some political points provincially that is just politics. If this politicking can be used to lever political support in favour of LRT so be it. There is nothing keeping us from framing the letters we write in such a way that is supportive and not punitive. I.e., write a letter thanking McGuinty, reminding Horwath, and praising Hudak for supporting our LRT through Mr Clark. :)

Politics is human tribal insanity applied to (im)practical results. Moving things politically requires a kind of duality. I will disagree with Mr. Clark when he says supporting LRT is like "drinking the Kool Aid" and then support him when he "is looking for the cash for LRT."

I am not implying we abandon all principles, but if someone is spouting in a direction that moves things a way you want, help them spout. There is a lovely tag line used in this group by Chomsky “We shouldn't be looking for heroes, we should be looking for good ideas.” Well I think a good corollary of that in politics is that we "should not ignore good ideas because they come from villains."

Philosophically I understand that some may never be able to support Mr. Clark (for councilor, mayor or MPP), but don't let philosophy get in the way of the politics that will help make the world a little bit better (LRT in the Hammer).

Just sayin'

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