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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted September 21, 2011 at 21:35:33

A B-Line LRT along Main Street seems to be a practical option because:

  1. It would be a less expensive, straight line build with a shorter total distance and less curves than a King Street LRT build;

  2. It would be less disruptive to build during the construction process in that two lanes of Main Street could remain open plus King Street would be open. A King Street build would require the complete shutdown of parts of King Street (Wellington to Mary Streets, the curve from Melrose to Sherman Avenues, etc.) during construction.

  3. The Main Street LRT line would be centered a few more metres away from the downtown buildings along Main Street than a King Street LRT line would be from the downtown buildings along King Street therefore slightly less vibration and noise would be felt by the building occupants;

  4. It would be slightly closer in proximity to the new downtown residential developments than a King Street LRT;

  5. It would establish an important and direct physical connection between McMaster University, its innovation park, its new downtown health campus and its Centre for Continuing Education. It would be ideal if the first segment of the B-Line LRT was built from McMaster to Main and John Street (4.2 kilometres) as a pilot project at a fraction of the total cost of the project.

While it is appreciated that a great deal of preparatory work has already been done on the King Street LRT model, one hopes that some work is also being done on a Main Street B-Line alternative as it might resonate with a larger segment of the Hamilton population when faced with the important political decision on whether or not to build an LRT line at all.

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