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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted September 23, 2011 at 17:49:01

Apparently they want the responses to the Charrettes to be filled out according to this form (PDF all the things):

Nice UUID in the URL there. For the sake of discussion, here's the responses I submitted.

*a) Which design concept are you commenting on? (indicated the location of the design concept): *

Longwood Road and Main Street West Study Area

b) What features did you like about the designs and why?

I love the increased density, the higher buildings, and the tight street-wall with buildings close to the sidewalk. I love this idea. I'd love to see more intensification at that site.

c) What features concern you and why?

I'm worried about the feasibility of businesses surviving without street-side or in-front parking (and the expense of off-ground parking), but if it can happen it should happen.

My other concern is that there are no plans to remove the Main at Longwood island and convert Main and King to two-way between Paradise and Macklin. Talk to any of the businesses on those blocks and you'll hear how hard it is to get traffic in the door - Macklin is the only place motorists can turn around if they're local to Westdale and attempting to visit these businesses. They need 2-way traffic. Also, the highway-style ramp island at Paradise and Main is unsafe because drivers do not yield to pedestrians at these islands (and why should they? There is no sign specifically instructing them to do so). By extending the two-way traffic by a block and converting these intersections into lighted intersections, it will be a far more pedestrian and business-friendly area. After all, it's only a block difference - motorists hit 2-way traffic a block later at Paradise anyways.

d) Did the buildings in the design concept(s) integrate well with the adjacent properties and the adjacent neighbourhoods? If not, how would you change the design?

Functionally? Yes. It's a good location for more intensification. The stop itself, however, is a little remote - most pedestrians coming in from the Westdale village have a longish walk up past Westdale SS or up Main Street... but either way, it's probably the best location for a stop.

Stylistically? Newer buildings will likely clash against the backdrop of old Westdale SS... but I don't care. I'd love to see it happen anyways.

e) Were the urban design and planning tools that were used in preparing the design concept(s) appropriate? If not, why not?

I have no idea what this question means. If you're asking if I like the design, yes. It may be over-designed, even... I really don't care if we get too much shadow cast onto the sidewalk.

f) Do you feel these design tools and techniques would result in appropriate forms of development for this area? If no, why not?

Again, I have no idea what this question means. It seems redundant with the question above.

g) Any other comments? Tell us

I really wish there were plans for a stop between Longwood and McMaster. I know it won't happen and it's not a realistic desire and it's purely selfish (I live at Haddon) but it seems like a disproportionately huge gap when I look at the B-Line map.

Thank you for taking comments.


Martin Zarate

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