Comment 70043

By poe (anonymous) | Posted September 24, 2011 at 13:34:33 in reply to Comment 70037

At present, this city offers NOTHING in terms of employment for the "latte-sipping, white collar university graduates" you speak of (unless one happens to work in publicly funded professions such as education, healthcare, or social services). If the city offered anything for these "elitists", then surely Hamilton would retain at least a fraction of them as they venture out the doors of our local, premier university in search of employment.

There's nothing wrong with a little socio-economic balance; Hamilton needs it. Even if it is brought upon by the "elitists" with their fancy book learnin', we should not fear economic development of a higher quality in this city. Based on my observations, this city has more than enough unskilled, part-time, minimum wage jobs, and I wouldn't worry about a shortage of those to fill them.

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