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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted September 24, 2011 at 20:35:23

80% with college or university? That's beginning to get a bit ludicrous. For the record, none of my dropout friends are having any trouble finding work these days - they have loads of real-world experience and connections. Almost all of my friends with impressive degrees are having a lot of trouble, not helped by their additional enormous debt burdens. In far too many cases people end up far less employable.

We could train every person in Canada to be a CEO. It wouldn't change a thing about the distribution of wealth in our economy. It certainly would be nice if everybody could be comfortably middle-class, but it will never be possible. Likewise, we could put all our money into paying CEOs - but that wouldn't help the rest of us, by definition. Despite the economic horrors which most of the world has faced since 2008, large corporations are now earning some of the highest profits ever, amidst some of the lowest wages. "Trickle down economics" are a nice idea, but always entail policies intended to do the exact opposite.

The turning point which Hamilton requires involve the definitions of success we work by. Light Rail will certainly help (and is a step in the right direction), but we need a lot more.

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