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By Kiely (registered) | Posted September 27, 2011 at 12:52:40 in reply to Comment 70086

The list on your link is 1 skilled trades, 2 sales reps, and 3 engineers

The 2011 report shows engineers at number 4 globally since 2007. Asia is filling the market nicely for engineers.

So yes the top jobs require some post secondary education, but not debt producing BAs. I was paid to go to trade school through EI. The concept is you do enough hours of your apprenticeship to earn the EI required to than attend your next session of schooling. For technician programs there are tuition fees but you're graduating from post secondary with a lower level of debt (compared to a BA) and as shown in the report, into a field where there is higher demand.

I don't question that route.

To me the problem is the lack of job prospects and the often crippling debt associated with some of the more liberal arts oriented BAs. These people are crucial for society because these are the types of degrees that produce critical thinking skills... yet they are often being relegated to an educated lower class. Hmmm???

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