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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2011 at 16:23:21 in reply to Comment 70150

Agreed, HSR frequency and service can be improved, but coverage is fairly comprehensive for a city our size (not that it couldn't be improved as well - but then again what can't?)

While all of the north-south buses go downtown (Upper James, Ottawa, Gage, Sherman, Wentworth and Wellington) I don't really see how you could elimiante any of those with the A-line (well, except Upper James), since they serve the lengths of their streets down to concession (or Queensdale in the case of the Upper Ottawa), neither of which meet up with the A-line route. If, say, you had them turn on Fennell and head to U.James/Fennell to meet up with the A-line (city really messed up on the opportunity not to create a more developed transit hub at that "node", imho), you'd have no service on concession, and you'd have no service on their namesake streets north of Fennell. So while you might be able to do one or two (so you maintain service on fennell) I think ultimately eliminating bus service north of fennell on any of the roads will be a non-starter.

Maybe the buses that are west of james (upper paradise? Garth?) could be redirect/eliminated...I'm not really certain about that either though, because I'm drawing a blank as to what route the Upper Paradise takes up the mountain.

As for the east-west buses (Kennilworth, Mohawk, Stonechurch, Rymal (they all intersect with the a-line already, and I think only kennilworth and mohawk head downtown, of which again, I don't think you could reasonably eliminate either route from heading downtown.

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