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By LivinginUAE (anonymous) | Posted October 03, 2011 at 01:44:30

I have a comment for livingindubai

My friend- we have entered into a world where slavery has taken a different name. Have these workers REQUESTED and paid to come work in the UAE? yes...

Do you think, becuse these people REQUESTED to come work in Dubai (mostly because their families face starvation and homelessness in their home countries), that it is then acceptable to have them work in the most despicable conditions possible? Do you think it is right to abuse these workers then? To deprive them of proper health care and safety measures? To force them to work 30 days of a 31 day month? To have them work in 45'c weather? To have countless cases of abuse and rape on these workers?

Do you think, that because these people came looking for a job, that we now have the right to squeeze every drop of sweat and blood from these people simply because they are looking to survivie?

Can you possibly live in Dubai and say, "Yes, the workers, maids servants who live and work in the UAE are treated fairly"?
If you can, I hope, whatever God lies above us, has some mercy on your naive blindness on the cruelty at your doorstep.

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