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By jason (registered) | Posted October 03, 2011 at 19:46:42 in reply to Comment 70295

I thought about this, but look at what they just did on Wilson. Shifting Gears shows bike lanes coming to Wilson 'along with two-way conversion'. Despite the fact that virtually every main street in Toronto functions with 1 live lane, 1 curb-parking lane and the leftover space being safe for bikes, we always think we need 4 full-live lanes here. I don't get it. York at Copps and the library is where it's busiest. Once it gets east of James it should function like a true neighbourhood street. Heck, maybe someone would even open a cafe/patio someday in Beasley. I'd love to see this treatment used on Cannon, Wilson, Wellington and Victoria:

Most of our two-way streets could achieve bike lanes like this simply by adding street parking. But Hamilton is addicted to fast-flowing 4 lane streets whether one-way or two-way.
We just missed a great opportunity to really enhance the Beasley neighbourhood with the conversion of Wilson.

As for the two-way on a one-way street, it is pretty common and I think could work:

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