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By Mark Harrington (anonymous) | Posted October 05, 2011 at 00:33:20

I ride a fair bit -- 90 to 210 km per week. THis plan has a lot of flaws.

I'm concerned that this type of plan will become a secondary motorized vehicle system, taken over by Vespa style electric bicycles, and 49cc gasoline powered scooters, both of which I believe should be treated as motorcycles.

While the e-bike might sound good, the realities of battery manufacture, disposal and charging completely negate any perceived benefits.

There is a great deal of overly positive speculation here too, such as "How many Mohawk Students would love to cycle up to the college, but can't safely?", that's laughable.

The status quo is very acceptable, in that all lanes are bike lanes. Cyclists need to learn and obey the rules of the road and get into traffic when required. If you can't make a left turn from one multi-lane street to another, you shouldn't be on that street on you bike, any more than someone driving a car should be there without that skill.

Can I jump onto the road paralell to the bike lane when it's clogged with slow-moving skateboarders and kids with training wheels, roller bladers, etc.? I think This plan will have drivers believing that bikes belong in bike lanes, and that will eventually become the law based on the ifrastucture investment Mr. Leach describes, which will screw those who really do use their bikes substantially.

I ride myself and have 6 young children and this is not something I would support my tax dollars going to.
IMHO It's way overboard.
All Lanes are bike lanes. Just obey traffic laws and ride your bike.

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