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By DavidCohen (registered) | Posted June 20, 2007 at 12:03:33

I happened to attend yesterday's meeting of the Planning Committee where this proposed development was discussed. There were two presentations from people who live close to the proposed development. They objected to it, mostly on the grounds that it would create more traffic in the area and thus noise, disruption, etc. Tom Jackson, the councillor concerned, said it had been his fondest hope that "single family housing" would be built on the lot concerned but this, "unfortunately," had not happened....Through another councillor (Jackson is not a member of the committee) he got the matter tabled for two weeks during which time he will hold a community meeting on the matter. No doubt further NIMBY sentiments will be aired at this meeting. I of course agree with Jason. This is precisely the type of development needed at this intersection -- and indeed at many other intersection and along other main avenues in Hamilton. My only problem with it is that a significant amount of space in the proposal is devoted to parking. Now, we can't fault the developer for this. He is merely complying with a city requirement. But what if the space devoted to off-street parking in this proposal could be turned into a garden? Or a courtyard? Or, perhaps, better overall design. One wonders how the neighbours would respond to that. They'd then probably bitch about residents of the new apartments parking on their "single family home" streets. Oh well...

But now is the time start agitating against the requirement for off-street parking in new development. Without it, we'll get better development and perhaps a little less use of cars.

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