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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted October 11, 2011 at 19:17:17 in reply to Comment 70432

Since that bus already stops at McMaster, why bother having it come into downtown Hamilton at all? Eliminate the downtown Hamilton station as unnecessary, and force people to use the McMatser terminal if they wnat to take the 407 Express to York University.

Now we've eliminated GO service in the core completely.

Well... I think that we'd have to take another look at what constitutes 'the core'.

And the weighting of having everything originating/terminating in such a place.

I'm a little aware of the inherent problems of trying to focus train lines in the downtown, not an expert by any means, but if given that Liuna makes sense in a world where there's a station-stop at Centennial and others towards Niagara, then the Hunter Street station has served its (relatively) short-term purpose.

And as I agree that I can't imagine bus express being maintained if we have all-day rail service, then that too, will have served its purpose and will be removed.

Frankly, the McMaster GO stop has never made any sense to me; how much further away would be 'too far' for it to be on the routes it's currently on, within the construct we've had in place? Dundas? I've taken both routes and it's always been I don't see why McMaster shouldn't have its own separate thing going on anyway.

So this would mean that the Hunter Street station would be used for HSR, Greyhound and Coach Canada. And...?

Nobody ever said we'd be able to keep everything we currently have in place. (And who'd want to, anyway?)

What we will need is a good connector from 'the core' to Liuna and Hunter...which is why I don't subscribe to an exclusively LRT east/west corridor running from Eastgate to McMaster.

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