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By BeulahAve (registered) | Posted October 14, 2011 at 16:39:58

Glad the first article has generated so much discussion -- it was actually frustrating to write something based on such a small body of research findings.

It seems to me that LRT will help low income persons most in situations where it is providing transit where none existed before, and where its presence encourages commercial developments that are often lacking in low income neighbourhoods (eliminating so-called food deserts, for example). In Hamilton, the proposed B-line will be in addition to existing transit. I don't know enough about it to say that it will be providing something new for riders, but it will have a greater carrying capacity than buses so that at least is a plus. The fact that LRT attracts new riders who would never take buses is of interest to the B-line and may help spur needed commercial developments along the route.

I must take issue with the idea of zero-sum game in terms of wealth and wealth distribution put forth in earlier threads. It is possible to improve income and quality of life without simply displacing people in gentrifying areas. However, it takes smart public policy and planning.

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