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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted October 17, 2011 at 17:55:14

Honestly, I think Bob gets an unfair rap for the West Harbor thing. To me, Bob's opinion was consistent - he wanted the stadium in the lower city, preferably as close to downtown as possible... and he wanted all the options reviewed.

His "Go West Harbour" theatrics were reactionary - it was about West Harbor vs. East Mountain, not about his favourite site.

I think this pragmatic viewpoint is what won him the election - the Ti-Cats actions revealed that we really didn't have a plan B. Heck, we barely had a plan A. When Bob Young torpedo'd the West Harbour at the 11th hour, Bratina's "review all the sites" policy suddenly looked prescient. Of course, the obvious counterpoint is that Young shouldn't have had the power to ruin Hamilton's stadium plans at the last second like that, but that's beside the point - in the eyes of the public that's exactly the power he had, since the public weren't about to support politicians that lost us our beloved Cats.

Bratina's fear of commitment actually is what got him elected... all the more reason why it's obvious his LRT stance is the result of backroom shenanigans. A man who wants every option reviewed and every avenue pursued (except the Ti-Cats being put way out in Stoney Creek because no urban Hamiltonian football fan wants that) suddenly wants to abort on the research process of this massive and potentially spectacular project.

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