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By young driver (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2011 at 02:54:27

One of the big reasons that young people are not driving is that they cannot afford it. The cost of insurance for young people, especially males is prohibitive. The cost of maintaining a car have increased over the years. It is much more difficult for the average person to do any kind of repair or maintenance on a modern vehicle than it was 25 years ago. When my friends and I were young we were capable of doing a lot of the work on our cars ourselves. Today with need for very specialized and therefore very expensive tools that is no longer the case for most people. 25 years ago my best friend and I took the donour motor out of a car, then took the dead motor out of my car, and lastly installed the donour motor into my car. We started at 7:00 on a Saturday morning and used my car to take our girlfriends out on a date that evening. All this was possible in my backyard using a stout tree limb as hoisting point. I think the most sophisticated piece of equipment we used was a multimeter.

Young people today are not driving because they do not want to drive, they are not driving because they cannot afford it.

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