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By thats fine (anonymous) | Posted October 26, 2011 at 13:12:51

There is a strong argument that the suburbs subsidize various city cores. This is a back and forth argument that neither side bothers to acknowledge what they are getting out of the deal but rather just points fingers and demand the other pay the entire freight. You want LRT be aware that the percentage subsidy for that is higher than the subsidy on the road system. They want roads, be aware that in spite of the insanely high taxes on gasoline they too are subsidized. These subsidies really are not coming from property taxes but rather a combination of property/income and sales taxes which heavily slants the equation towards the suburbanites paying a much higher price than the lower city as it stands today. Its really not a simple formula because after having said that the heavily subsidized population better known as those on various social assistance program skew the numbers in Hamilton towards showing the burbs paying more than the core. Much of this can be corrected with the provincial government taking back all responsibility for social services but thats unlikely to happen. Bottom line, EVERYONE is paying too much for government services and nobody is getting a free ride. We need to live within our means and the sooner everyone understands that we then can move forward on how to be equitable, and humane in spending what we have

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