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As a Canadian taxpayer, I resent the CBC as an institution and would welcome any future government dismantelling of it since it is entirely useless in our region . As one of 780 000 Metropolitan Hamilton area residents in Canada's seventh largest metropolitan area, if you properly include West Lincoln and Haldimand, I am continually insulted by the reference to Hamilton ONTARIO and not simply Hamilton by the CBC as if few people in Canada know of or have heard of Hamilton. I never hear them refer to Winnipeg as Winnipeg MANITOBA but then again, I guess that they pay their taxes there and receive the same substandard CBC programming. I never even received a reply when I mentioned that to them a couple of years ago ! Perhaps we should begin to not consider ourselves part of Canada since we are continually ignored not only by the CBC but most of the Canadian media which are, of course as we all should know, mouthpieces of Toronto. Check out the covering scene of the evening CBC news - of course it is a picture of downtown Toronto. If it were a truly Canadian institution, there would be rotating scenes from all of Canada's 33 metro areas each evening. I would like to see a picture of downtown St. John, for example, and I would like to know what is going on there now and then. It is about time that advertizers realize that their messages stop at Oakville and that we tune them out as well as Toronto stations. We are severely underserved in not only Hamilton but also in the Niagara metro region - approaching 400 000 people - almost as big as often-mentioned Halifax. Perhaps you can reach the CBC and the CRTC and express our discontent about the lack of media attention in our area. Yours truly, David Wootton

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