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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2011 at 02:10:46 in reply to Comment 70907

The money losers are money losers because they are poorly serviced routes.
If a bus runs not at all in the afternoon, & you work shifts, you won't use that bus.
If you work Sundays, & your bus doesn't, you won't use that bus either.
If you have to sprint across a parking lot in the dark to catch the Last Bus, & a line up at the time clock holds you up a few times & you miss it, chances are you will be driving to work. It's cheaper & more convenient than waiting for a taxi in the cold!
If you can't actually get to Go Service via your public transit, you probably won't use either service. You will just clutter up local roads & the 403.

The old excuse that a certain line isn't profitable is like saying that not enough people are in an area to merit City hydro or water service, so let's just turn it off & see what happens.
You can't judge what could be by providing poor service that acts as a deterrent to potential users.

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