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By grumpy (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2011 at 21:17:44 in reply to Comment 58966

Yep, and it just happened again to some of us.

It's hidden under "News" on their website, and who knows if/when they intend to mail out that letter. It's dated tomorrow, November 8. A company called Sandpiper Energy Solutions will be taking care of water heaters from now on. Apparently Sandpiper is a division of Oakville Hydro, although some people there never heard of them.

Which wouldn't be too big a deal if my water heater hadn't started leaking around 10:30 this morning. After close to an hour on hold with Horizon, they told me that they could replace the water heater free of charge, but the temperature valve would cost $250 and they didn't know when they could send a service person. But if I called a company called Reliance Home Comfort, they'd be able to set me up as a new customer immediately. They wouldn't charge for the valve because my building apparently has some kind of special arrangement with them.

Of course Reliance's overseas call centre had no idea what this arrangement was, and they couldn't set me up as a customer because they had no account number. More smoke and mirrors than magic there. Four hours of dickering later, I was no closer to getting the leaking heater fixed or replaced.

Praying that the unit below wasn't filling up with water, I called Horizon again. Got a contact number for Sandpiper, who spoke to someone at Horizon. The same woman who couldn't help me this morning called around 3:30 to say their plumber would call me "shortly". He finally showed up around 6:30 p.m.

This is very bad magic indeed.

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