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By adrian (registered) | Posted November 16, 2011 at 09:13:30 in reply to Comment 71273

Parking lots are for cars and for pedestrians. I feel silly expounding on this, but the idea is, on arrival, you park your car, get out, and walk to your destination. On departure, you walk to your car, get in, and drive away. Notice how you walk and drive during this experience?

As a driver, when I'm in a parking lot, I have always made the assumption that pedestrians have the right of way, and that it is my responsibility not to hit them. Were I to hit a pedestrian, I would assume that I would be in serious trouble. Are you telling me that if I run over a pedestrian in, say, the Fortino's parking lot, that the police would announce that the victim of the accident should have been more aware of my vehicle, and I would escape without so much as a demerit point on my license?

My point with this blog post is that, according to the Spectator article, "[t]here were no witnesses to the collision". So, until the police have reviewed the surveillance footage, no one actually knows what happened. We don't know if the U-Haul driver was driving recklessly, was texting at the time, was exhausted, failed to check his mirrors, etc. Similarly, we don't know if the elderly woman was texting at the time, was exhausted, experienced a medical issue that prevented her from being able to move out of the way, etc.

It follows that a warning issued to pedestrians only is unfair, insensitive, and sends a message that these accidents are the fault of pedestrians.

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