Comment 71372

By David Huntsman (anonymous) | Posted November 17, 2011 at 18:18:22 in reply to Comment 71346

Roadrash, a problem with your position is the notion of cyclists needing "respect" from motorists. That begs the question of whether motorists are the rightful gatekeepers to the public space we refer to as roads. That's certainly not the case!

The law is the gatekeeper, and we are discussing the value of a traffic law that, Idaho has determined, is not one that should automatically be applied to all rightful users of the road.

There are many examples of disparate but sensible differences in the legal requirements of cyclists on the road compared to motorists. Minimum speed laws come to mind. And minimum separation requirements. And, obviously, licensing, registration and insurance requirements. Why? Because the operation of a bicycle is different than the operation of a motor vehicle.

So, there is no need for "equality" insofar as operational requirements are concerned. Sensibility is the better goal.

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