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By JM (registered) | Posted November 18, 2011 at 09:13:53

i enjoyed his chuckles about Rob Ford - too bad he didn't know much about Bratina. he kept on noting that we are stuck on planning the 1950's, which is basically what Bratina is all about (his "platform" - "i remember what Downtown used to be..."). and that's what he still thinks it should be, rather than moving forward sadly...

at least he did bring up the stadium issue, which was bang on - what a joke that was (and an embarrassment. but i think it was the poster child for our "visioning" of this city (sadly) of our politicians at this time, and what was really important to them

he is 100% right on the municipal governance issues. we need to follow the Vancouver model and rid ourselves of this ward based system so we can start thinking about the future of the city as a whole... and not just satisfying the "constituents" of ward 8, Mr. Whitehead (i think he's the prime example of this system)

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