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By jacob (registered) | Posted November 22, 2011 at 17:16:04 in reply to Comment 71505

You will get a D on your next assignment if you write this. What exactly do you mean? What planning decisions or not have our political leaders made that you disagree with? And where exactly 'east' are you planning to go where the planners and leaders and, presumably, populace, work together in better harmony? I would argue that we have exactly the same problem as any other non built up community in terms of curbing sprawl, and we do better than most: Mississauga or Brampton as two examples. We have a very good set of planning documents, a strong planning staff, and some excellent statutory frameworks. Arguably municipalities are inherently unable to combat a number of our problems, for instance our electoral system is not conducive to strong executive functions and we have very bad financial tools for raising revenues. We also continue to pay the cost of provincial policies from the Harris era. Finally we are scourged by suburbanites, a voting bloc of immense power which hates inner cities and feels that it is subsidizing the city when in fact it is directly the opposite.

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