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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted November 23, 2011 at 15:58:54

I just ran into a small scale example of exactly the same problem - did you know that all single family homes must have a minimum of two 9 ft x 19.5 ft parking spaces for up to 8 habitable rooms - plus another 0.5 parking spaces per each additional habitable room!

So a small 1200 sq ft, old house on an urban lot that has a lot of individual small rooms can need to have 3 (or more) parking spaces - while a huge 4000 sq ft "open concept" house with the same number of habitable rooms needs the same number. Oh - and only one parking space can be obstructed by another - so if the City says you need 3 parking spots - not only do you need to provide 9 ft x 3 x 19.5 ft of parking area - you also need unobstructed access to two of them!

So if you want to add an addition to an old house on an urban lot - forget about it - your lot is not physically big enough to be a parking lot - who knew?

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