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By Kiely (registered) | Posted November 23, 2011 at 17:41:32

Do our politicians/bureaucrats live in the same city I do?

This is not the time to be putting absurd restrictions on development this is the time to be making development easier. Not enough parking? Come on.

We need to become a more flexible city for redevelopment. All these empty commercial spaces in this city are never going to be filled. There are simply too many. They were zoned and built in a different time that is gone. A time when people walked city blocks to visit the butcher, the cheese shop, the haberdasher, the independent pharmacist and a plethora of other the ma and pa shops that lined the commercial avenues. Those days are not likely to return... not to the extent we need anyway. So what do we do with these spaces?

If we don't actively encourage unique uses, repurposing and creative redevelopment of these buildings/properties we will struggle to achieve the potential this city has. This city needs to start thinking much more creatively and frankly just get out of its own damn way.

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