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By Head Scratcher (anonymous) | Posted November 24, 2011 at 21:43:52

Hard to believe we still invest a lot of time and energy debating the whole stadium location issue. I was in favour of the WH location, however with that said the stadium offers little to the community as it relates to City Building benefits. It's basically used 12-15 times a year, generates little to no employment and contributes nothing to the local tax base. It's a head scratcher that with the collective community energy we have in many corners of this City that we continue to focus on issues that do little to move the urban affairs yardsticks. Collectively we need to adopt one or two major issues and get everybody rowing in the same direction. Instead of lamenting the loss of the WH stadium, we should be looking for ways to expedite the approval and implementation of the City's Watefront Plans (Setting Sail and the Recreational Master Plan). Alternatively, we could get behind the downtown and work with all levels of government, NGOs, private entities, etc... to work on the very issues people identify as contributing to the slow growth of the core. General statements from developers that the fees are too high in Hamilton, or "it was impossible to navigate through the red tape", do nothing to solve our problems. Detailed specifics, coupled with suggestions to resolve would go a long way to address the real problems preventing or stalling all of the issues that fall under the umbrella of "urban affairs". My question: What are the top 5 issues preventing progress in the Downtown? Be specific, give clear examples. I bet we'd get dozens of good ones. Compile the list, then work with people like Christopher Hume (and our local visionaries like the Bill Curran's and David Premi's of the world) to compile a list of suggested changes to our current plans, bylaws, etc... Food for thought.

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