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By nickpas (registered) | Posted November 26, 2011 at 17:05:49 in reply to Comment 71346

I lived in Lund, Sweden for six months in 2008. From my observations, it was one of the few European societies that fully embraces regulation in principle. And I mean the people, not just the government. For instance, liquor stores are government owned, drinking age is 21, outlets close at 3PM Saturdays and don't open Sundays— and this is largely supported by a population who view controlling alcoholism as a main priority.

Considering this, cycling culture in Sweden is a very interesting divergence. I biked everywhere in those six months and from my experience, the driving culture was that to always yield to cyclists—even when the vehicle technically had the right-of-way. This is because Sweden's cyclist are notorious rule breakers! As such, it has become part of the driving culture to expect this. This may infuriate some Canadian drivers (and apparently some cyclists) for it's inherent "inequity" between the two modes of transport. And it is not equal. Nor should it be. Cyclists are doing a tremendous service to our transportation system, environment, healthcare budgets, urban liveability, etc. And maybe this could explain why the normally law-abiding Swede turns a blind eye to bicycle infractions.

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