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By jason (registered) | Posted December 01, 2011 at 20:22:32 in reply to Comment 71788

They are highways. We could have scaled down versions of Embarcadero here...scaled down because we don't need streets that wide. Turn Cannon and Main into streets that are 2 lanes, have street parking bike lanes and wider sidewalks. King can get LRT with 1 or 2 car lanes as well. If they were converted as suggested here I wouldn't call them highways. Right now they are. San Fran is huge compared to Hamilton. In our 2.5km swath from Burlington St to Charlton we have 30 lanes on major roads alone. That's 12 lanes per km. Just crazy. On the Mountain the major roads are spaced roughly 1km apart meaning there are 4-5 lanes per km. Why do we need 3 times the number of lanes per km in the part of the city with less car owners and drivers and more pedestrians, cyclists and transit users compared to a car-dependent suburban part of the city? It should be the opposite.

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