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By Renting (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2011 at 19:25:12

Tenants, when you rent a car, are you allowed to re-paint it, or mess up with electrical or mechanical parts ?
Of course not, because it's not your property, you just allowed to temporarily use it on certan conditions.
But that's what most tenants do to rented property, in Hamilton.
Landlords are hardly protected from that damage.
Too many tenants are on social assistance, do not work and do not respect other's work/property, also do not have money to pay for the damage they did. So they know they can get away with whatever they do to the property.
But some quite handy in manipulating the social assistence system. They live common law, just have different mailing addresses.
It's almost social assistance tenants' heaven here in downtown Hamilton.
That's the reason why beautiful century houses become neglected in downtown.

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