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By Rolly (anonymous) | Posted December 06, 2011 at 15:33:01

No one has brought up the wonderful tool the city uses called "Payment in Lieu of Parking" This is where the city makes you pay a ridiculous amount of money if you don't have enough parking for a development. I had the pleasure of a certain west end city councilor tossing this gem at me when trying to open my business. The really neat part of that experience was when I asked him for specifics with regard to the fee I would have to pay. 1) what is the formula to come up with a dollar amount...didn't know. 2) does the money paid go into a specific fund to create parking spaces...didn't know. 3) if there is a fund how much money is in it...didn't know. 4) how many parking spaces have been created by this fund...didn't know. What are the plans to create more parking spaces with the money collected...didn't know. you get the theme here.

Or here is a good one "Payment in lieu of Park Space" the building my business is in, is at the corner of King & Locke and plans for apartments above have been submitted but the city wants aproximately $40,000.00 because the property does not have the required amount of greenspace for the proposed # of units(which was reduced by the city from its original proposal) Are you ready here comes the AWESOMENESS that is The City Of Hamilton.....the building is across the street from VICTORIA PARK!!!!!! Maybe a 10+- acre park might be taken into consideration...I love this city!!!

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