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By Landlord (anonymous) | Posted December 15, 2011 at 21:23:29 in reply to Comment 72315

HammerRenter- There's no shortage of opinion about the poor quality of landlords in Hamilton. What makes this article important is that it presents the problem from a different point of view. As a landlord in ward three, I'm continually astonished by how much more work it is to maintain my property in that area. I offer tenants clean, safe and affordable apartments but the apartments are rarely left clean or in good repair when the tenants move out.

I share your disappointment with the failure of some landlords to maintain their property but I can also understand why they've given up. My preference would be for them to sell their property, but once they've lost control the property can be very difficult to sell.

I've also spoken with social housing providers and the cost of maintaining these properties is very,very high as a result of tenant neglect. Your suggestion of expropriating these properties won't solve the issue of improving living conditions and will simply transition the cost to taxpayers.

You'll likely disagree, but structural changes to the Residential Tenancy Act or stricter enforcement of property bylaws is likely a more prudent solution.

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