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By I Disagree (anonymous) | Posted December 26, 2011 at 19:52:55 in reply to Comment 72430

I don't think that suburban Hamilton is interested at all in bus' or any method of public transit, & by investing in That, I'm sure those interested in biking to work, 12 months of the year would find things a lot easier.

I'd rather see Hamilton invest in working public transit than in bike lanes on the busiest streets. Bike lanes that run parallel King & Main would be ideal.

In a City as large as Hamilton, with the Escarpment running through it, biking to work is for those who live a decent distance from work. (& hopefully have a Shower at their place of work!)

Given the job situation here, job hunting on the basis of " I Reeeally Reeeally want to ride my bike to work!" is pretty far fetched.
BTW, in my area the construction of the bike lanes has cut off a large section of road for vehicles wishing to proceed straight through the intersection. A bad situation has been made much worse & mile long + traffic tie-ups are normal now, cuz the left turn lane is much too short to accommodate those turning, & the straight through lane will now only accommodate about 5 cars, before it turns into the Bike Lane. The road itself should have been widened to add those bike lanes + a longer left turn lane. It could have been widened & it would have been safer for everyone! There is room to do that, but I guess it was far too tempting to just take the politically correct route & wealthy bike lobby out here, into consideration & slap down the bike lanes, just to say "See how Modern we are? We have Bike Lanes!"
(Sorry, but I don't see a person as 'needy' if he's riding a bike that probably cost more than the GNP of Bolivia, with matching helmet, & Spandex! That person is participating in a Sport, he is Not trying to get to work & back. Worse yet, if he/she feels too entitled to follow the rules of the road.)

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