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By I Agree! but.. (anonymous) | Posted December 26, 2011 at 20:25:18

It's Not going to work for everyone, so let's stop pretending that because a section of the population wants it, that it will somehow work out for everyone else.
Better public transit beats The Bike Lobby's ideas every single time. I completely sympathize with DTH. Been there, done that.
Quite frankly, I'm pretty fed up with The Bike Lobby. Yes, you indeed have some good points.. 'good' in that they will work fine for You. In this area, we have no sidewalks, even in school zones, which creates a situation where people tend to drive their kids to school for safety sake, esp. in Winter when 1/3 of the road is full of snow.. Not good for the kids, or the environment, but that's the way it is. I think that sidewalk construction & walking trails Ought to take president over both car lanes, & bike lanes to promote a healthier lifestyle. (But unless some people show up @ City Hall, with their kids in tow, each in $1000.00 cross trainers with $5000.00 of matching jogging gear, nobody is going to be interested.)

The only areas that seem to have gotten bike lanes are the areas where 'Monied People' rattled their jewelery @ the local council member. (even if those bike lanes were ill conceived & poorly maintained.)

"If Hamilton had no car lanes, how many cars would be on the road?", asks the commenter above.

Gee..I dunno..? None? Hamilton has no horse lanes, or elephant taxis lanes either. Is that why i never see any?

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