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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted January 17, 2012 at 00:30:18

I may be vegan, but this rule seems a little bizzare. If nothing else because of the greatly exaggerated disease, pest and waste problems which come from centralizing chicken "production" into colossal hundred-thousand-bird warehouses. For those who aren't convinced though, here's what chickens can do for you, even if you don't eat them.

  • Fertilizing - through nitrogen-rich manure and mineral-rich eggshells
  • Organic Waste Disposal - Chickens are walking compost heaps, able to scratch, eat and pick through kitchen scraps and other green waste to greatly accellerate the process.
  • Pest reduction - Chickens eat bugs, like most small fowl (ducks, geese etc) are great predators for garden pests.
  • No-dig tillage - Many organic operations use "chicken tracktors" (small coops on wheels) to prepare ground for planting because of how effectively they scour and enrich ground with none of the soil-depleting, energy-hogging and carbon-releasing drawbacks of plowing.
  • Genetics - factory-farmed chicken are specially bred to be grown in factories, not to be tasty, nutritious or friendly. I've known a lot of farmers, and other breeds are renowned for everything from amazing eggs to their amazing pet-like friendliness.
  • Labour - Do you know any "chicken catchers"? Ask them what their job entails...
  • Food Security - what do you plan to do if supermarket trucks ever stop delivering for more than a week? In such situations, hungry neighbours are not friendly neighbours...
  • Poverty - What about people who can't afford to buy eggs, and don't have the space for an expansive bean and seed garden?
  • Freedom - the burden of proof should be placed on those who wish to prohibit something, not those who simply want to be allowed to do it.

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