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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted January 23, 2012 at 10:16:32

I say no to acreage restrictions or distance from the neighbours home and they should be able to roam around the yard and be free-range. I live in the east end with a long narrow backyard. Most of it is a two-car garage that could easily be transformed to have a chicken coup with a door and fenced in area for them to roam but it would be right up against my neighbours fence.

It would be sometime before I could afford to do something like this but having the option there would be a great thing. I will be contacting my councillor and cc'ing the clerk. Thanks for being a part of the fight, Jeremy. If nothing else, perhaps we should ask those with coups to come forward and monitor them for awhile. See how they work things and use them as a basis to run this hopefully new venture off of. We really need to be careful with limitations though. We shouldn't look at this as we'll okay it but we are going to make it as strict as hell. "You're lucky we are approving this", kind of thing.

Best of luck to those who have much more of a vested interest in this cause. I hope we can all come away at the end of this with the realization that we live in forward-thinking community that is making some seemingly small, but extraordinarily important changes in becoming a leader in the world community.

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