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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted January 25, 2012 at 01:50:43 in reply to Comment 73291

Again with the animals! (esp. dogs as nuisance)?

Wow!! I've never been to a single place in N. America that looks at animals/pets in the disparaging way that Hamilton does.

What exactly turns animals (esp. dogs) into such a 'nuisance' once they hit the borders of the GHA?

Apparently,an animal that has been a joy to own outside of Hamilton turns into a raging werewolf once it hits the GHA border..??
(Could it be the lack of education of both owners & City Council? Could it be the lack of obedience schools within the City of Hamilton, or the general lack of places & opportunities to Socialize puppies with people of all ages & other dogs that has caused most of these 'problems'? Could it be a culture of Fear among too many people?)

Jacob,I should tell you about Mrs. McKeever, who ran a rehab center for raptors (owls, hawks, eagles etc.) in Vineland Ont. They were trying out broody (motherly) owls in an attempt to find a female owl that could raise abandoned baby raptors successfully. To try out the bird's mothering skills, they had her sit on a clutch of eggs, & raise a group of baby domestic chicks. She did very well, & the chicks prospered into fine adult chickens. However, they had been raised on mice. Live mice, when they got old enough to dispatch them.

They were carnivorous chickens.

Beware the Carnivorous Chickens! Fear the chickens! Cuz once a mild manned chicken hits the City of Hamilton it will immediately turn into a Velociraptor!

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